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Rated 4.6 out of 5
Mokena, IL

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Weddings By Jenny wants to help you make your special day the best it can be with memories you can look back on for years to come.  We offer photo booths, candy buffets, photography and videos.  We can customize a package to accommodate your event and budget.

Our current promotion is running through valentines day 2020.  Our 3 hour photo booth package is normally $275 suburbs and $295 city.  If you book now our price is $250 suburbs and $275 city plus a free memory book!  The package includes 3 hours of photo booth time, unlimited customized print outs, attendant, props and memory book.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.  We are always happy to help!!


Mokena, IL, USA

Weddings By Jenny

Mokena, IL, USA



Rated 4.6 out of 5
4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 10 reviews)

Great night!

Rated 5 out of 5
February 9, 2020

We had the photo booth at our wedding in the fall. Everyone had so much fun and thought that the inflatable was cool and different.

Heidi N.

Great Job!

Rated 5 out of 5
February 3, 2020

We were very pleased with the photography and photo booth we had for my daughters birthday party. Everyone enjoyed it, and it made her day extra special

Cynthia L

So helpful!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 30, 2020

Initially contacted Jenny for a photo booth but also had her do my candy buffet and centerpieces. They were so helpful! They made several trips to and from the venue to bring all the tableware. Everything came together perfect and the photo booth was really fun. Definitely went the extra mile!

Dorinda B.

The photo booth was a BLAST!!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 29, 2020

Hired Weddings By Jenny to do a photo booth at my daughters graduation party last summer. The photo booth was so much fun, the kids loved it! Jenny and staff were great

Angie F

Terrible ending great start

Rated 1 out of 5
January 27, 2020

Very friendly and easy going to get set up.
Then at wedding during dinner, a man walked up to me in street clothes asking where he could put the booth. I figured just a helper since he was in jeans and a teeshirt. Plus he was a man and i booked with a woman who never told me that someone else would be coming. To be honest i could care less if she did or didn’t or that it was a man or woman. However, as this man continued to work he got all sweaty down the front and back of his shirt. And never changed into any professional wedding attire. Our dj’s were in tuxes, our photographer and videographer were in black slacks black button up top. All wait staff, bar, even security staff was black slacks / white button up shirt. And we had him in a teeshirt and jeans that is now all sweaty. Still i let all that go. Not going to let it ruin my wedding. Then the night progressed i saw people using the booth for their pictures and then got in line with a few friends to take some of my own. Went out and said to the girls enjo were walking away, “well let’s get our pictures and you sign the book” they looked at me crazy and said ” they don’t have pictures”. So of course i went and asked the man (who was sleeping in the chair next to the booth and the prop table). He then said, “im so sorry i didn’t bring any ink, and i got half way here and i contacted her but i was already too far to go back” “but don’t worry, she will reach out to send you copies of every photo”. Again, as mad as i was, i would deal with this later, not ruining my wedding.
Next week comes, its about Tuesday and no work from “jenny”. So i reach out saying “would you like to address this issue yet?” And she apologized emphatically, she asked my address so she can send me the photos, sent me an electronic file of the photos to share, and even offered a refund (via money order) of $75. I thanked and moved on.
Several weeks had gone by, no refund, or pictures had arrived. I reached out stating the matter, and she apologized again stating she was in the hospital and would take care of this as soon as her health was back up to par. I apologized and reassured her to take care of that first and foremost and then take care of my issue. She immediately paypaled me $100 bucks instead of the agreed upon $75 (i figured an additional $25 for the inconvenience). So another several weeks had gone by, and no physical pictures, no book, etc. And on fb i see a message posted by the owner “book now, wedding season is approaching ” so in my mind, she must be back to work and healthy again. So i messaged “when should i expect my pictures” she wrote back saying that’s she is going to send me a pm. In the pm, she said that she gave me 25 bucks extra so i could “print them myself.”
At this point im finally truly angry. We have nothing, spent all this money to get only like 120 digital photos. I mean i would have figured at least 500 photos, but people were not doing it after a little bit, because they WEREN’T GETTING PHOTOS! And to make matters worse we didn’t get a book with all the photos as promised, no one had a take home gift, and now i can’t even send them out in the thank you cards (unless i print myself….). But lets not forget that the person i hired never showed, sent a person who didnt have ink and slept on the job. And now when i finally questioned her on all of this, now she won’t respond to anymore emails… i even said, ” im not going to put out there any bad reviews, i just want you to make this right”…. but still nothing… she has washed her hands of this. So i am sorry for this post, but i feel at this point i am more than justified to write it.
Leaves you thinking “did i just spend 200 bucks for 120 digital photos?” (that’s after the $100 refund of course)…. i don’t care to deal with this anymore, but i feel this should be made known about the terrible service we received.

Clare M.