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Video Save-The-Dates

A fun trend we have seen in the past few years are video save the dates. These are a fun way to communicate your event date to your guests without breaking the bank. There are some things to consider before you decide:

MoneyPiggy Bank with pennies

Choosing to make a video for your save the date might save you quite a bit of money. Save the dates can cost anywhere from 10 cents to $5.00 a piece!  If you choose to create a video instead, your only cost will likely be what you choose to include in the video.



Not everyone has access to the internet or checks their email regularly. Some of your older, more traditional relatives may not be totally open to the video idea. If this is the case, but you are set on your video, you might want to order a few paper save the dates to send to those guests.


The Necessities

To make your video, you will need a camera of some sort. If you choose to shoot it on your smartphone, there are some free video editing apps you can download. However, the easiest way to edit it would be on a computer with editing software. If you have an older phone and no camera, this might not be the best choice for you.

A Few Important Tips

  • Share your Mi Padrino page: Make sure your friends and family can find your important event info on your Mi Padrino page! They can see party updates, important places and details for padrinos, all in one spot!
  • Include Important Information: When you send out your save the dates, you typically won’t know the exact time of the ceremony or reception. However, you should be able to tell your guests the city in which the event will take place, and the date. This allows long-distance guests plenty of time to make preparations and book flights.
  • Ask for Help: If you have a friend or relative who knows about making videos or who has a nice camera, ask for help! If not, you could hire a studio to help you make it.
  • Keep it Short and Sweet: The ideal save the date video should be between 90 seconds and 3 minutes. Any longer than this and your viewers will lose interest.
  • Be Yourself: Now is not the time to be shy! You want your personality and your story to come through in this video. Find ways to make this video unique to you and your event. And of course, a video save the date should not be super serious. Add your own kind of humor to make it enjoyable for your guests to watch!

Looking for more advice on sending out save the dates? Check out Save The Date and Don’t Be Late!

Happy planning!


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