Wedding Rehearsals – What, Why, and When

Some wedding traditions come and go with the times and while many of them can be skipped with no harm, there are a few that you really should keep in place if you want your wedding day to run smoothly and the wedding rehearsal is one of them. Wedding rehearsals may seem like a tedious chore that doesn’t really matter and so you may be tempted to skip it, but that could prove to be a big mistake and we’re here to tell you why!

What Is It?

A Wedding rehearsal is when you get your entire wedding party together at your venue prior to the wedding day to go with the flow of your ceremony. During this time, you or a wedding planner will decide the processional order for when each person will walk down the aisle. You’ll also go over a timeline and confirm the last-minute details that everyone needs to know before show time.

Why Have It?

The rehearsal is the time when you’re going to work out all of the kinks before your big day. This is also why it’s crucial that everyone in your bridal party is there and pays attention. You don’t want to be scrambling the day of your wedding to decide who goes down the aisle first or to find out that your flower girl has stage fright! If you iron out the wrinkles beforehand, it’s much easier to also come up with a backup plan should anything go wrong the day of the wedding.

When Should You Have It?

Since ideally, you want your entire wedding party there, it’s best to have it as close to the wedding day as possible to accommodate guests traveling from out of town. Typically, the rehearsal is the day before the wedding and, if at all possible, around the same time as the wedding so you can really see what the venue will look like at that time of day (important for pictures).

Closing Argument

We get it, rehearsals can be a drag and it’s hard to get people to show up sometimes. If you’re really having a hard time convincing everyone to be a part of it, it always helps to entice them with the rehearsal dinner which is usually directly following the rehearsal. A free dinner and drinks if possible do wonder at encouraging cooperation!

One more note: during your rehearsal, try to remain calm and keep the mood light so your loved ones can enjoy the time that they’re devoting to your special day. While it’s a privilege for them to be included, it’s an honor for you to have them in your life so don’t let your bridezilla come out too much! Weddings can be a stressful time for everyone, but it always helps to remember that it’s a time for celebration!


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