5 Things to Expect on the Big Day of Your Quince

No matter how many hours you have spent going over the details, nothing will truly prepare you for the rollercoaster your big day will be. Between finalizing details, avoiding disasters and making sure you’re on time, you might find your head spinning! We’ve compiled a list of things you might expect on your day that might help mentally prepare you.

A Whirlwind Event

Okay, everyone says this. Seriously, everyone. “It will be over before you know it!” “It’s going to go by so fast- don’t blink!” Well, everyone says it because it’s true. You will be shocked at how fast the reception wraps up. Dedicate some time beforehand when you plan to just dance and have fun with your friends! When you hear your song- get on the dance floor! If you don’t, you might spend all your time greeting guests and making small talk.


A Little Chaos

Your day will be chaotic. With all the craziness going on, you might forget to actually experience your event. Make sure to take a moment or two to step back and just take it all in. Take a mental picture of how everything looks, how much fun your guests are having, and how loved you are! You won’t regret doing this because it will create a really sweet memory for you to look back on later.

A Few Curve Balls

More than likely, you will encounter a curve-ball or two on your day. Perhaps a chambelane spilled something, or another party member couldn’t be on time! It’s okay, just breathe. Mentally prepare yourself by accepting that some things will go a little wrong and be flexible. Make sure you have all your vendor contact numbers to reach in case of a last-minute change. And of course, be ready for any fashion emergencies with Mi Padrino’s Event Day Emergency Guide!

Happy Tears

It doesn’t matter how cold-hearted you might think you are when your Nana comes up, kisses you on the cheek, and tells you how beautiful you look…the tears will start rolling! You might find yourself crying happy tears all day long, and that’s totally normal! Your friends and family are all there to celebrate you; that can be quite an emotional thing! Prepare yourself with waterproof makeup, that way you won’t have to worry about holding back those happy tears.


You Will Be Overwhelmed

Your special day can so quickly go from exciting to nerve-wracking! Many people will come to you asking about set up details and scheduling issues. Even the biggest extrovert can find this stressful. You can help take some of this stress off of yourself by having a go-to person for your vendors to ask questions of on the big day.

You can also prepare yourself by taking a little time to reflect on what the day is really about. If you are crowd shy, remember that all your guests are there to support you, not to judge, and they want the best for you. When you stand up to speak, try to drown out all the unnecessary noises and details so you can focus on what truly matters.


Possibly our most important piece of advice; no matter how overwhelmed you might feel, don’t forget to let loose and enjoy yourself!



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