Whimsical Wedding Colors We Love: Inspiration for Summer Celebrations

Congratulations on your summer nuptials! It’s time to get out the scissors and clip some magazines to put together a summer wedding inspiration board: flowers, nature, and even the paint section of your nearest hardware store can provide some inspiration for your color theme. Don’t know what you like, or what would go well together? You’re not alone… we want to help you pick out your favorite color combinations for a beautiful and unique summer wedding!

Summer is the most popular season to get married in, and we know why. The season provides beautiful varieties of flowers, trees are in full bloom, and the weather is sunny and perfect (hopefully). Summer wedding photos are gorgeous, full of life and color, and they provide stunning backgrounds for wedding photos.

Picture Perfect Palettes

There are endless summer color combinations: you can choose a very simple color theme by combining white with one eye-catching color, like red. Combining white, black, and hints of color is also beautiful. You can even incorporate the entire rainbow if you want! These colors will coordinate the theme between your flowers, bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen, accessories, as well as your cake, invitations, centerpieces, and more. It’s important that these all coordinate with each other… but that doesn’t mean everything in your wedding has to be the same color.

Bouquet on its side

 Classy Two Color Combinations

Pick one summer-inspired color, like butter yellow, crimson red, or lavender, and combine it with softer accent colors, like peach, white, or rose gold, for example. You are not restricted to having one or two colors, but remember: adding too many different colors to the palette could cause your wedding to look unplanned. Try going for one bold color combined with a softer one to avoid overwhelming the senses. Have a favorite color? Combine different hues of the same color, like these pink hues:

Color inspiration for centerpieces

An Eccentric Event

Combining several colors together can be breathtaking if done correctly. Choose colors that are complementary to each other. For example, combining a dark army green and dark red would not be pleasing to the eye (in most cases). Taking that same deep red and combining it with hints of pink, navy, white, and light green would work well. Peach, pink, and hues of orange also look beautiful. Check out our photos to inspire your design!

Bride holding bouquet





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