Why use Mi Padrino

Mi Padrino® is free to use! We have countless resources available in our planning section to help you with budgeting, last minute needs, tips and tricks, and more! If you click on “Vendors” on the homepage, you can also find local vendors in your area to help you find your cake, mariachi, and venue all in one place. We want to help you get your party planned and funded with your padrinos!

Get exactly what YOU want

Everything should be perfect for your big day, whether it’s a quinceañera, wedding, baby shower or any other event. Mi Padrino® makes it easy for your padrinos to visit your event page, get your event funded, and get exactly what you want!

Your padrino won’t struggle to find the perfect gift, just let them know about your Mi Padrino® event page and they can pay whatever amount they are comfortable with. Some guests might not even pay attention to the items on your wish list and simply give you money to use for whatever you need.

We’ve modernized an age-old tradition

Padrinos have been sponsoring Hispanic events for generations with more than 50% of padrinos living thousands of miles away. We believe in funding traditions sin fronteras and want to make sure there are no limitations for your family members to contribute. Now your family and friends can make donations to your page online with a debit or credit card instead of money wire or checks.

There is no need to keep track of everything yourself with handwritten lists. We provide a secure digital space for all of your contacts, items needed and budgeting. All of your event information is easily available to share online without the hassle of constant phone calls.

The money is yours

Once your padrino pays for an item on your list, it is automatically deposited to your bank account through WePay. The money then becomes yours to use. Let’s say your champagne glasses you liked were originally $30 and your padrino put money in your Mi Padrino® account to pay for them. Now those same glasses are on sale. Your padrino already paid $30 to your account, so you get to keep the difference to put towards other expenses for your party. BONUS!

Create Your Own Event PageCreate your online registry, collect contributions, and share your event!

Gift Registry

Accept payments towards your gift registry online. Users get 50% more gifts on average.

Location Maps

Make sure your guests know where to go for all stages of your fiesta!

Guest Comments

Discuss your event and capture memories and thoughts for life!

Countdown Timer

Build excitement as every day goes past. Create a sense of urgency and increase gifts and donations!

Find the Best Local VendorsFind caterers, venues, services, and more sin fronteras!

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